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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Facebook Fan Page Manual Verification Process

If you believe that your page should matches with Facebook verification terms but you are not able to get verified automatically then only way to get your page verified is manually process. But According to Facebook they are not accepting Request for verified publicly.

Yes its true Facebook is not accepting request from audience but through Agencies, PMD’s or other networks agents which who are dealing for verification. So to get verified you have to contact any agency for verification then they will charge their fee and do all process for manual verification.But recently Facebook Update Form to submit request for manual verification. Just need to select your page and your ID proof. If your page will be eligible then Facebook will accept your page verify it.

Open this Verification form from that account in you which are Admin of that particular page. You will receive response via email from Facebook within 24-48 hours.

Documents For Verification

  • If Your Page is about any Celebrity, Artist, journalist or about any famous personality Facebook need Government proof of that person. Acceptable documents are Passport, License or other of same person.
  • If Your Page is about brand then you have provide various kind of document which we will discuss via email.

What Pages are not Acceptable ?

Pages which are based on 
Website, Blogs, Business, Locations, communities and many more which are not acceptable. If you have Facebook page of this type then sorry your will not verified until Facebook start verification for these sectors.

Conclusion ?

Facebook do automatic verification for big pages detected by their Algorithm and also accept manual verification not directly. So don’t worry about anything just contact us we will do it for you at low cost as much as we can. In case we will not able to do verification we will refund all the amount you have paid.

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