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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Get 13k Veiw Every Day Free

 [Method] Get 13K Views EVERYDAY Free

A nice free method how to generate 13K+ Views everyday without paying one buck. Most services are today not so good but give them a try cause it is free. Have fun with the list 

1. Vagex: (1500-2200+ views per day)

This site provides you with all sorts of services. Including views, likes, comments and subscribes.They got Auto-earn sistem,so u can easy earn credits.

2. (500-1000+ views per day or 500+ likes)

This site is best for youtube video likes,but u can also get YT views,FB likes and more.Bad thing is that u need to earn manual,they dont have auto-credit earner software.

3. U2BViews: (1500-2500+ views per day)

They give fast views for little credits. It has un legit and slow comments though. For 1000 credits can get you up to 5k views.Kinda hard to earn credits even with auto-earn software.

4. (2000-3000+ views per day)

This site provides you with all sorts of services. Including views, likes, comments and subscribes. Here u can earn credits realy fast. You got a fast on page script or addon which helps you earn credits

5. (500-1000+ views per day)

This site is good for everything,got alot of good options.Likes,Views,Comments(Custom comments to) etc.

6.Shareyoutubevideos: Shareyoutubevideos (1500-2200+ views per day)

Here u need to download software and earn free credist(Free users have limited 100-150 credits every 6 h).For 100 credits u will get 300+ views.

7. Hitleap: (800-1200+ views per day)

This site give only views,and u can earn minutes very fast(u can open 3,4,5 or more tabs and let them earn for you) + u can download software and earn more.

8. LinkCollider: (1500-2000+ views per day)

This site is like HitLeap,Websyndic,etc.Here u can earn credits in many ways,auto or manual.Free 1000 tokens every day.

9. Websyndic: (2500-5000+ views per day)

On this site your Views are delivered very fast,kinda insave fast.And good this is that this site got Auto-Surfer for any Browser without any download.So u can auto-earn credits.

10.EmpireViews: (1000-1500+ views per day)

This site i use most,becouse i'm here geting views fast,really really fast,and credit earning sistem is good.You can download viewer or firefox viewer addon,so basically you can auto-earn credits.

If somebody posted this method, I apologize. But the search did not given me some others. 

Have a nice day 
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