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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Delete All Facebook Group Trick 2016

How to delete leave all Facebook Group on one click 2016 -

There is no software for this, but you can this using macros extensions  in Mozilla Firefox. Macros are simple also very useful extension for Firefox its is also working in Google Chrome just install and add a script which i provide you in below tool.  Ok has now followed me to leave or delete all. 

  • How to delete leave all Facebook Group on one click image picture
    Facebook groups using one click,
  • First, you must log into Facebook with remember me.
  • Now restart your browser if required.
  • Now go on or Search This Below Folder
  • There you create a folder and paste script below.
    • Now click on the right side imacros symbol.
    • Now you will see a left side box containing scripts.
    • Click on a script and wait for few minutes.
    • Then you will see your group one by one leaving.
    • Now it’s done, its depend on your net speed,

iMacros script For delete all Facebook Group

VERSION BUILD=6111228 RECORDER=FX  TAB T=1 SET<span id=”76789be8-6a77-46b1-bd38-4c43255f2e54″ ginger_software_uiphrasegu> !</span>ERRORIGNORE <span id=”e9046da2-93f2-4717-9176-3cb91527d7ea” ginger_software_uiphrasegu>YES  SET</span><span id=”da2c4bd7-c8cf-4ba4-9818-79ce1613e11b” ginger_software_uiphrasegu> !</span>TIMEOUT 100  SET<span id=”186b5e22-60df-4964-8112-2283d3fc6e61″ ginger_software_uiphrasegu> !</span>DIALOGMANAGER NO  TAG POS=1 TYPE=A ATTR=TXT:LeaveGroup  TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:BUTTON ATTR=NAME:remove&&VALUE:Remove  WAIT SECONDS=2 –  

Note – We don’t Try script and method so use it yourself, We are not responsible for its result.It may delete your wall, post too. 

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